As Expected, Francis Is Not Happy At All About Yesterday's Xbox One News

Think you're mad about yesterday's flood of controversial news from Microsoft about the Xbox One? Your rage pales next to Francis' fury.

Francis's reaction to the unveiling of Microsoft's next home game console was something to see. But, in this one, he takes the current-gen Kinect into his big, meaty hands and tries to break it as best he can. If the reactions on social networks and gaming forums around the world are any indication, he might not be the only one feeling that way.


    didnt think I was going to enjoy that...but I did

    "Kinect asked me to move my couch... I AM MY COUCH!" Oh Francis, that's funny that you can take the piss out of yourself even during a rage filled MS rant.

    Well at least we know the Kinect is sturdily built o_O

      Ikr?! Considering everything else falls to pieces periodically, what a shock that the one thing no one uses is built so strong

    When it says that you "need to connect to the internet once every 24 hours" they're actually talking about connecting to Microsoft servers. And when Microsoft takes those servers down...

    He made me wake up my baby with that "do you see what I see" comment!

    Ah Francis, you're a champ. I've never been so enthralled by a man smashing a piece of video game hardware before.

    "do you see what i seeee?" LOLOLOL :D

    Nice one, but Angry Joe raged it better:

    Don't forget a tonne of hackers trying to prove the service fails and annoy the consumers on the service.


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    Repost from my YouTube comment:
    You are a good man, Francis. Respect. I also have thrown out truly awful "entertainment" things- I was right there with you when you were using that hammer. Good on you.

    This made ROFL so much I had an asthma attack.
    Well said Francis.

    I am kind of curious how a piece of exercise equipment found its way into his room...

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