Francis Weighs In On The Xbox One With Great, Terrifying Enthusiasm

We all knew we were going to find out what "Francis", the famously furious internet rage king, thinks of Microsoft's Xbox One reveal. And lo the big man has already weighed in.

What did he think? He's not angry about it! Well... not at first.

[via George Broussard/Twitter]


    Yeah - I'm not getting the current direction either.

    Holy shit... oh god....
    This is the first time in a while that a youtube video had me in uncontrollable fits of laughter.
    My god that was amazing!

      I'm a big fan of Francis. I have no idea if he means the things he says, but he get so amazingly over the top.

        The character is brilliant especially when you compare him to his real life self

        I like his videos, now. I didn't always, but after you watch enough of them, you see something special. :)

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          Same here - and I think this is one of his best yet, he nailed it.

        he acts it out, he has said that before

          I thought so. I think the first one I saw I took it at face value and didn't care for it. After a while, I saw the humour.

            I kinda think telling people Francis is a persona is like telling children about Santa, but since that's been done, I recommend you track down the 'draw my life' clip where he speaks out of character as himself, explaining how Francis came about. It's good stuff.

            Edit: Oh. Which @gmano actually posted below. Nevermind me!

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        Francis is only a character played by a very normal and inspiring person. There was an article on kotaku linking to the video too

          Thanks for posting this, I missed the original article. Well worth watching.

    When he said "im just not their target demographic" i pretty much sighed in agreement.

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    Would have preferred a direct rant, instead of the indirect rant he is better with direct ranting. - Like his last comment - Well New Call of duty has a dog now" made me giggle.

    HOLY SHIT. I was wondering where he was going with that, but SUCH a beautiful wrap up. SUCH a goddamn legendary tie together for all the random points and such a goddamn masterful handling of all the senseless bullshit hype of the MS launch! LOL. BEST one ever Francis. BEST EVER.

    hehehe francis - excited about dorito's ads lol

    I don't like this guy at all but I have to admit all of that was pretty spot on.

    I stopped listening when he said that Bing was the best search engine.

      I lied. That ending was actually pretty funny.

      Made his whole video make sense.

    This was incredible. I hadn't seen one of his videos before so I wasn't sure if he was being sarcastic or not. By the end though I realised he is genius.

    So much satire. Francis is spot on that everything about the Xbox One is exactly what every single person in the PC world absolutely hates. Bing, Internet Explorer etc.

    This guy has hit the uncanny valley. In reverse.
    It's uncanny, really.

    Wow, I thought he was gonna take off.

    Now my sides hurt.

    The last thirty seconds really make it, in my opinion. The broken realization that microsoft isn't making a game console for gamers, that we aren't the target market. And I guess we'll cheer ourselves up with some pretty-looking games, I guess?

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