Francis's Oddly Appropriate Analogy Links Former Xbox Boss To Farts

Everybody's favourite combustile video game commentator usually doesn't comment on companies' personnel moves. But Don Mattrick's move to Zynga has clearly inflamed Francis more than, say, the departure of former EA CEO John Riccitiello.

The result? Lines like this: "It's like hiring the pilot from the Hindenburg to captain the Titanic."


    It’s like hiring the pilot from the Hindenburg to captain the Titanic.

    Oh man that made me literally lol pretty hard.


      I know! How chronologically incorrect was he!

    Its not like Don after E3 said screw this and put his 2 weeks notice in like a Macca's employee, high level execitives would have in their contract a clause that would mean they would have to give 3,6, or even 12 months notice.
    If you want my opinion he would have gave his notice 6 months ago when he got wind of all the DRM the suits upstairs were pushing on the XB1 long before the reveal and E3, my sense was that he was fakeing it and didn;t really give a toot in the post E3 interviews.

      I never thought of it that way. If that's true, why go to Zynga?

        Because of the 5 million dollars they gave him for walking through the door as a sighning bounus making up for the stock options He lost for leaving MS.And his compensation for a two year contact is expected to be 19 million dollars.

    seriously why do you keep on posting articles about some fat guy?

      Because, seriously, it can be pretty funny sometimes. Seriously like half the things he said in this video were hilarious...

        Also, watching him catching his breath is pretty entertaining.


    If you don't log into FarmVille every 24 hours, your farm will explode.

    Hahaha. That was so funny.

    "let them eat cake...let them eat cake...I'M AN ASSHOLE!"


    Francis is the man! His videos kill me! Boogie on!

    Why do I get the feeling this guy's going to cark it live on camera one day?

    If you fart in an elevator and you need people to clean up your mess then you're in more trouble than you thought...

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