Francis Is Freaking The Hell Out About Microsoft's Xbox One About-Face

You knew he was gonna have an opinion about Microsoft's flip-flop on Xbox One DRM. And lo, Francis, one of the most excitable video-game personalities on the Internet, has obliged.


    One has to assume all the handjobs at Francis's place are surely self administered right?

      Im sure your mother gives him a sympathy one every now and then

      He is some form of celebrity though, right? They'll be people out there that wanna piece of the pie.


        He is soooo annoying can he just die already it should be illegal to be that obese sorry if it sounds harsh but instead of doing these stupid videos can he get on a treadmill or go outside for a walk

          It's a persona, man. A character. Watch his out-of-character video about weight and life story etc.

        I like him. This is a character he plays - it's not real, he acts that way for comedy. He's popular enough to be making a living from his videos, with several of them getting over 3 million views.

        Here's a video he did explaining his life so far.

        Fat jokes aren't very nice by the way... not very nice at all. People who are overweight usually have self esteem issues, and making fun of them can really hurt.

        So just drop the fat jokes okay? That man has enough on his plate.

            Just to be clear, I really do like the guy and the videos he makes. His story resonates with me and I think it's awesome he's shared it.

          I didn't make a fat joke. I did shudder at the thought of someone giving him a handjob though. Understandably too, because he's really fat.

          Enough on his plate? Really? No one's noticed this yet?

          That man has enough on his plate.
          I see what you did there. :D

      Nope, he has a fiance and gets paid for doing this. Also a character this guy plays and once you are mature enough to get over the He's so fat phase, you should watch some of his videos, especially the draw my life video.

    lol can i split roast this guy? lolololol

    I have never seen this guy before... I will fondly remember those days...

    I've never watched Francis (and dont have sound at work at the moment). Is he just a large version of Dave Hughes.

    Yells to make a point without really making any point?

      His character 'Francis' does basically yell uncontrollably to make a sort-of point. His straight videos make more sensible and thought-through points.

    hes a comedian kinda dude. check out this one on dianlo 3

    Now all they have to do is lower the price and upgrade the GPU.

      does it matter in Australia though ? there's like a $50 difference between the two .

      I always assumed that if they went all-digital Australia would get screwed over anyway :P

        I'm not getting one on launch - that's reserved for PS4. But in a couple years time I might grab one (for teh haloz - mastah chief+cortana4eva), and at least by then I'm hoping we'll have figured out some work-around. It might be that the early-adopters are just telling us all to create American accounts or something.

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          That's pretty much (kinda) what I did for the 360 - got a PS3 at launch (not many launch titles at all but I actually enjoyed Motorstorm, so :P), and got a 360 years later. Except I bought it just for Dead Rising, haha. Totally worth it. Except this was before I had a HD TV so the game's major flaw was that you couldn't read any of the text! :p
          All it does is gather dust nowadays sadly, so I dunno. I liked some of the exclusives at e3 this year for the Xbox, but I guess I've got my fingers crossed that some of them just make it to PC.

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            There are never enough tithes paid to the Master Race. We should set up some sort of sinister Collection Agency.

    Francis is "YouTube gamer character" played by some guy in the comedic skits - like what you see above. Here's his "Draw My Life" video:

    That dude needs to calm the hell down... he's putting himself at risk of a heart attack.

    I still like how people think his Francis character is real.

    Hes actually I really cool guy, I subbed after watching WoodysGamertag PKA 137, he talked about a lot of his battles, his life and philosophies, was a great listen

    Last edited 20/06/13 6:50 pm

    Before putting Boogie down, making fat and no life jokes, watch his other videos.

      holy wow, watched that video, its nice to see him form a different side, fancis is really annoying but like this he is great, need to watch more of his videos like this

    Geez so much negativity.

    Hey here's some fun, watch his hand movement closely at the beginning, contrast it with what he's saying at the time.

    Sometimes hardship prepares us for an extraordinary destiny.

    to me, it's going to take several console Gen for MS to recover from this.

    who the hell is this guy? and why should we care about him freaking out? this is the second shitty post about this guy freaking out.

      He's a youtube comedian lampooning the typical basement dweller geek.

        He must take that role seriously, either that's a really authentic fat suit or he actually is a morbidly obese basement dweller. I'm going to go with the latter.

    Not really a fan of his skits, bit low brow. I mean I swear a fair amount at work and what not....... the industry I'm in pretty normal but it doesn't help his comedy at all

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