Chaos Reborn, From X-COM Creator Julian Gollop, Gets Its First Screenshot

One of the fathers of X-COM, Julian Gollop, has been hard at work on Chaos Reborn a remake of his classic game Chaos. It had magic, wizards and multiplayer — what else does a game need? — and it can be considered the precursor to the excellent Laser Squad and of course, everyone’s favourite extraterrestrial strategy series. A new blog post by the developer features a screenshot of the new game and I must say, I’m quite excited.

That probably has to do with the fact that I’m a sucker for these sorts of games, but even this teaser image which, according to Gollop, is made up of prototype art, still manages to nail a unique style that remains true to the game’s retro roots. I honestly hope the team doesn’t deviate too much from what’s going on here (though polish is always welcome).

The post that accompanied the image mentions the game is playable and already features multiplayer in both online and hotseat modes. Five maps are available and there’s support for six players, down from the original’s eight, though that’s nothing to get upset about. If anything, it provides a level of much-needed sanity.

As an aside, Chaos is one of the games I first tried to replicate with my limited programming skills way back when. Obviously, I’ve come a long way since then, but I always like to go back through my backups and pull out those dusty, now amateurish-looking projects.

Here’s a screenshot from my Chaos clone, creatively titled DiabloMAX. Surprisingly, I went to the trouble of creating a spell editor for the game, complete with a self-coded compression routine for the database file. Crazy.

Chaos Reborn is playable [Gollop Games via RPS]

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