DayZ On The Oculus Rift: Be Very Afraid

Almost everyone I've seen use the Oculus Rift puts the device down with a goofy grin on their dial saying, 'THEY HAVE TO PUT 'GAME X' ON THIS'! That game could be anything: Minecraft, GRID, Call of Duty, Proteus whatever. But one of the most requested would be DayZ, and now someone's got it up and running.

The above video features DayZ with the Oculus Rift and the MAG II Gun controller, which allows for separate head tracking and movement with the gun itself. I'm really keen to try out the MAG II in general, just to see if it helps ease motion sickness, but I think DayZ would be especially intense using the Rift.

Thanks Joab!


    As long as it's used on servers with 1st person view only, so players using the rift aren't at a tactical disadvantage due to not using 3rd person.

    I'm sure it could be argued that they can still switch, but that'd break immersion for sure.

    I already use a TrackIR, but I never use it while playing ARMA or DayZ online as using it with third person is strange, and playing without 3rd person puts me at a disadvantage.

      This is a pretty good point, no 3rd person would be a necessity. Other than that OMG DO WANT ABSOLUTELY NOW!

      I know it to be true for some games and the Oculus, but not sure if it is for all, the action of checking your flanks is very natural in that you can whip your head around quickly, but keep your gun trained where your mouse is pointing. Your field of vision is so wide, also, that I found it to be more advantageous than not.

        You can do this holding the ALT key and moving the mouse, or by turning your head on a TrackIR as well... but...
        Third person in ARMA helps you see over things like walls, fences, grass, as well as further into the distance, etc.

        You can very easily spot most things easier and faster using third person than you can first person in ARMA.

        I suppose that's what I was mostly getting at.

          Noted. I'd rather be immersed than exploit nuances of 3rd person, though

            As would I, but sadly about 1% of ARMA II / DayZ servers run with 3rd person turned off. :p
            It definitely makes things harder, that's for sure.

    Be Very Afraid

    And a little bit queasy.

    Is there some kind of trick to watching these youtube videos? Or are we just meant to be stoked that this is evidence the game works with OR?

      You can watch them cross eyed, takes a bit of time and patience to get it, but once you have done it a few times you can watch anything 3D SBS without glasses. Just google for tips on how to do it.

      Just use two empty toilet paper rolls. Works great. Just don't let your wife see you. Mine is still laughing.

      If you want to experience it in 3D, treat it like a big magic-eye, if you're old enough to recall those books. Alternatively, you need to cross your eyes so you see three images, then try to just focus on the center image. Not everyone can do it, a high level of stereoscopic acuity makes it easier. If you're watching fullscreen, move back from the monitor, if you're watching windowed, you'll need to get your eyes closer.
      Looks awesome IMO, can't wait to try it out.

      go cross-eyed.

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