Dragon Age: Inquisition Drops In Fall 2014

Finally, after being being cagey about a new Dragon Age, EA revealed the new title in a press conference. It will include a vast open world, and your choices will have much influence. Some characters will return, and naturally some will be new — we see Varric and Morrigan in the trailer. It launches in fall 2014.

And yes. There will be dragons.


    Truly one of the most schizophrenic gaming series out there (FF still takes the cake)... feels like there's no true consistency between the sequels now. Still, I'm interested in this more than 2.

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      I'm interested in anything more than 2...

        Indeed. I'd take a sledgehammer to the nuts over playing through part 2 again. We held a private competition with a group of friends, inspired by Kotaku, where we played through as many games as we could in a month that we had never finished, from start to finish. Stupid fucking me I chose DA2.

        I racked up 50+ hours on it. I fell asleep 3 times. 3 times. Swear to christ. 11 out of those 50 hours, seriously, were me sleeping. lol.

    Hope they reconsider platform and bring this to PC.

      Wait, it's console exclusive? I was already very skeptical after DA2, but... I guess that seals it. Shame, DAO is one of my favourite games.

      It is. It's on both Xboxes, both Playstations and PC.

      Offical Dragon Age twitter confirmed there's still a PC version.

        Thanks for the update Nomandiac and bathmatt.
        Psyched for Dragon Age but only play RPGs with keyboard and mouse.

        No PC version would've been a deal breaker for me.

    So, is it Fall 2014 in the northern hemisphere or Fall 2014 in the southern hemisphere? This is an Australian site, so I guess southern hemisphere.

    Could it be a good thing? they rushed DA2 out and it left such a sour taste in most of the communities mouths, now it seems they are taking their time (finally)

    Oh dear, that pic of Morrigan is not encouraging, more DA2 than DA1?

      The art style isnt a deal breaker for me, but I do hope it plays more like 1 and less, a LOT less like 2.

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