EA Access Subscribers Will Get A Sneak Peek At Dragon Age: Inquisition Five Days Before It Comes Out

EA Access subscribers will get a sneak peek at Dragon Age: Inquisition five days before it comes out, Electronic Arts just announced. It's only a six-hour demo, so don't get too excited. But hey, at least your progress will carry over. Subscribers can also get a 10% discount on the Xbox One store. Read more here.


    The only time I actually wish I owned an Xbone..

      Ohhhh Andy you are on of those people, sucked in I'll be enjoying Dragon Age before you...

    I don't think I could handle playing a demo then having to wait five days for the full thing. I'll hold out...

      The demo is the full thing, only its limited to 6 hours.

    So, the game is open for 6hrs on 13th? or can you start download 13th and then play it on 15th? not much info there, shouldn't be an issue on 130mb connection but for someone on slower.

      According to a recent EA News post, the Dragon Age: Inquisition trial will debut on 13th November, five days ahead of the game's North American launch. Ostensibly this means it will debut in the UK on the 16th, five days before the 21st November European release date.

      The Dragon Age: Inquisition trial will last for six hours and "lets you create your hero, form your Inquisition, and take your first steps into Thedas." You'll even be able to try out the game's multiplayer and your progress will carry over into the full game.

        So if it takes 7hrs to download your shit outta luck?

          Haha no from what I understand the actual demo is a 6 hour demo. As in from start to finish is around 6 hours. I seriously doubt they would start the demo/trial timer from the time you initialize the download :) That would just be silly. And even then I wonder if it is a once off 6 hours per account or per each time you start a new game.

            Interesting... I wanna try it out, but prob won't be able to till the 15th.

              It would be interesting if they limit the 6 hours per new game, account, or console. If new game then no dramas, if account then make a new one, however if by console then that would suck.

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