Ever Wonder How The PlayStation 4 Came To Be?

Watch Mark Cerny, lead architect behind the console and director of upcoming PS4 exclusive Knack, give an in-depth lecture at Gamelab 2013 where he discusses the two decades' worth of history in console-making that influenced the path they'd take to creating Sony's next-generation machine.

It gets a little technical near the end, but it's certainly an interesting inside look.


    If u wonder how ps4 came to be skip to 35 min rest bullshit about his life

    Wonderful talk. I would have loved to see what the PS4 would have been capable of with that theoretical 1 terabyte per second bandwidth though.

    Exemplary. Goes to show, it's not just the financial might of the company, it's the people. The real talent, inspiration and innovation comes from a team working closely together. These guys are the best, mostly because of the steep but long learning curves they had to endure.

    Fantastic video!
    Teams and people mean everything. You can have the perfect perceived processes, but unless you have the people to recognise, and acknowledge that things are wrong, and can think outside of the box to find a proper solution (NOT ego driven!!!), then you wont be going anywhere.

    I saw Sonys direction on the PS4 architecture when it was announced a while back and thought to myself....thank christ they have finally decided for unified gddr5, with x86. This will make designing cross-platforms games so much easier, cheaper, faster for everyone involved, and the entire industry will benefit as a whole, not just SCE.

    Interesting stuff. You can tell he is an absolute genius.
    The big question I still have is if they are developing for x86 architecture, does that mean we'll finally see good PC versions of games? I believe the xbone is also x86 now so in theory it shouldn't matter what platform developers work with. They should be more or less the same.

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