Finally, Luigi Is Much Bigger Than Mario

If you’re familiar with Luigi’s stats, you know that he can jump higher than his more famous brother. He’s taller too. Still, there’s no mistaking that he’s the second banana in the super-sibling pairing. But that all changes in the upcoming Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.

The green-clad plumber grows to gigantic size in the new 3DS game and it’s up to him stomp the bad guys into oblivion. Mario? He’s tiny, compared to his bro.

In the video clip above, Kotaku‘s Jason Schreier takes Dream Team for a spin, playing through a sequence where Luigi becomes a giant to face off against a huge enemy. The preview shows off a bit of the quirky charm that’s made the Mario & Luigi games underdog favourites amongst Nintendo fans. Don’t worry: the wait until you get a chance to peek at Luigi’s head isn’t too long.


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