General Zod And Man Of Steel's Superman Fly Into Injustice Next Month

With the Man of Steel movie debuting as a big hit, it’s no surprise that the movie’s version of Superman will be coming to the fighting game featuring the DC Universe’s biggest heroes and villains. And the Man of Steel skin will be joined by a playable General Zod add-on, who we first saw in action in a Conan O’Brien Clueless Gamer segment after months of rumors. Wonder if this new version of Kal-El will be even more vicious against his Kryptonian arch-nemesis in the game?

You’ll be able to get the MoS Superman skin for 80 MS Points and the Zod character DLC will cost 400 MS Points. Both additions will be coming to Injustice next month and, as usual, season pass holders will probably get the super-stuff a bit earlier.


    Um, the character models look nothing like th actors from the film and Genaeral Zod proclaims "this planet shall be mine!" I havn't seen the film yet but thought his motivation was not conquering Earth but bringing uperman back home or killing him, anyway something like that.

      From what I can tell only thing based off the new movie here is there's a new DLC outfit/skin for Superman which is based off his costume in Man of Steel. I haven't seen the film either yet but it looks kinda close...
      As for Zod, I'm sure he'll have a Man of Steel designed costume in Injustice at some point too, Netherrealm seem to be trying to milk as much out of this as they can. Glad I decided to wait for the 'Komplete Edition' (or whatever they call it).

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