Good News: You Won't Have To Re-Sync Your Xbox One Controller As Much

We’ve already gotten a good look at some new features of the Xbox One controller, like the improved analogue sticks, difference in grip texture and new trigger feedback. There’s even more info in a new post on the Xbox news site. But the thing that excites me the most is the fact that you won’t have to sync the damn thing up every time you walk away from it.

Low Power State — If you’re watching a movie or need to step away from the TV, the controller enters a low power state that conserves your battery. The moment you pick it up again, it will be ready for use without having to resynch with the console.

The post also discusses how Kinect will be used to pair controllers to the Xbox One console and sense who’s using a game pad:

Seamless Connectivity — Each controller uses a combination of invisible reflective technology and LEDs to send a patterned infrared signal to your console and Kinect sensor. Not only does this make pairing the devices seamless, but it enables Kinect to associate the controller with whoever is holding it. This introduces innovative experiences, such as player switching, where a split screen display can swap positions on the TV if users change seats on the couch.

Like all features in new hardware, this stuff will only reach its most intriguing state after developers start messing around with it. But I, for one, will be glad to never have to to press a Sync button again.


    I don't think I've *ever* had to resync mine?

      I thought that at first too, but I'm pretty sure "resync" here refers to having to press the guide button to make it connect again. Not the fiddly stuff with pressing buttons on the console and controller.

      I think they're talking about having to turn the controller on again and waiting the 10secs for it to power on again?

        Oh ok. I thought they meant the Sync button, not the power button lol.

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    Yeah, I've never had to do that either.

    So the current power off after inactivity feature now resumes through picking it back up instead of pressing the big x symbol. Ok then. Hardly a massive issue now but theoretically a small tweak for the better.

    Wow that's it? That's not that big feature at least they should put a touch pad and make it look less fat to make it better.

    Last edited 07/06/13 4:42 pm

      I love the fatness of it, the 360 controller is too tiny

        As long it's not too heavy then that's ok. The new controller kinda looks like it let itself go.
        I know why XB controllers a big is because it was designed for westerners and obese Americans and that's why PS controllers aren't popular in the west because many complained their fat hands n thumbs get in the way but many Japanese don't have this problem…well that's my theory. I'm gathering more data to find evidence about my theory and mite right a paper about my research about different social cultures and biology between western and eastern gamers.

        Last edited 07/06/13 9:54 pm

          Im not a fat dude, i am however a big dude, big hands, TBH the original "duke" controller is perfect, but mines on its way out and there painful to find

            You just proved to me that most western gamers have big hands and that the new XBone is designed by westerners for westerners.

      ROFL a touchpad? I hope you're joking, that touchpad on the PS4 controller is some more stupid gimmicky crap like motion sensing or a screen in the controller like the Wii U. I for one am glad that at least one controller in the next gen doesn't have any stupid gimmicky crap to muddy the waters of game development.

        Nope I'm for real those touch pad can act as extra buttons just like the Vita rear touch pad which can give extra 4 buttons or movement features for games that gives the player extra control.
        Nuthin wrong of new gen console trying something new, many a lot has changed in controllers in my 20 years of gaming. You joke about PS controls gimmic controls but its the developers choice of choosing if they want to use these features.

    I've actually had a lot of issue with that actually but mainly when I turned my console off at the wall and turned it back on from the start. Guess it could make things more convenient??

    With PS3 I just pick my controller up off the charger, press the PS button, and it turns the controller and the PS3 on.

    How does it work with the 360? What is this re-syncing?

      After 15 mins of inactivity, the 360 controllers shut off to preserve battery life, no matter whats happening. Then you just hit the guide(PS) button and after 10secs the controller is reconnected.

        I don't have to re-sink my Wireless 360 pad on my PC.

          It's a system forced thing on 360 I believe.

    That still pales in comparison to those force-feedback triggers. As far as I'm concerned they're still the best thing about Xbox One.

      Force feed back triggers... or having the creepiest invasion of my privacy I've come across sitting in my living space listening, ALL OF THE TIME. Have fun with your triggers, brah.

        When the best feature of an ENTIRE next gen console is force feedback triggers, you're in trouble. "Bruh".

    Yes because wondering if i have to turn my xbone controller back on after watching TV, was my only major concern with this console..

    Last edited 07/06/13 5:03 pm

    It's too bad you have to resync your console every 24 hours...

      you win the internet today. Your prize... glory!

    I think this is going to be worse the current setup. You'll never know if the controller is fully turned off or in the low power state (but still chewing through the battery). My Samsung TV remote comes 'alive' from the smallest of movements (I can see the backlight coming on). This is annoying - just leaving it on a table or on a floor and you walk nearby and it will switch on. Understandably, the batteries don't last very long in the remote. This may be similar with the Xbox One controller - always coming 'alive' even when you don't want it to or expect it to and chewing through the power shortening the time between recharges.

    Looks like they got the glitter out and rolled the Xbone all over it.

    "you cant polish a turd"
    "No, but you can roll it in glitter till it sparkles"

    in the 6 years of my PS3 I've never had to re-sink a controller...... not once.

      He my 360 since launch and neither have I.

      ive had to resysnc a few times, usually when the controller runs out of juice and the ps3 has been off at the powerpoint for a while, no hassle tho.

      Its these sort of things like not having to sync that are good features, but the XBone has really failed in all the important matters, its like so what the controller doesnt have to resysnc, the actual xbone has to resync every 24 hours.

    The local multiplayer screen swapping thing sounds rad in theory, though it sounds like the sort of prerelease feature that never actually gets implemented (eg everything ever said about kinect). Hope they follow through on it.

      Yes, I can't tell you how many times I've switched seats with someone in the middle of playing a multiplayer game and thought "gee, I wish the screen would switch with me instead of making me go to all that god-damned effort of switching seats back again". That'd be rad indeed. Definitely worth the price of not being able to swap games.

    MS = "Good news everyone you wont have to sync as much"
    Reporter = "But can you take the controller to a friends place ?"
    MS = " No, your friend will have to buy a separate controller"

      Are MS serious? I mean they just appear to be doing everything they can to lose customers. It's got to be a G up.

    WiiU tablet already does this.

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