Here's Your First Look At Grand Theft Auto V's Map Of Los Santos

Rockstar has — probably deliberately — been doling out snippets of the Grand Theft Auto V map for some time. The ultrafans on the GTAForums have been collecting them and finally stitched all of them together, giving us what appears to be the unofficial full map for Los Santos and the surrounding area.

There is an enormous amount of rural territory in this game. In area it appears to be some three times larger than the square mileage of Los Santos itself. Rockstar has said that San Fierro and Las Venturas will not appear in this game, which is kind of a bummer, but maybe Blueberry or Palomino Creek return for your hijinks with Trevor and his merry band of meth-heads.

Remember, this map is said to be larger than Grand Theft Auto IV, San Andreas and Red Dead Redemption all put together. So that's a lot of wide-open space out there. Nice inclusion of Catalina Island too, by the way.

Complete ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ map revealed [Stick Skills via NeoGAF]


    Looks a little like the Victorian silhouette portrait of a woman ... there are some really long roads.

    Welp, that sucks. I liked San Fierro and Las Venturas more than Los Santos. I hope they fill the countryside with side-missions,etc.

    Woooaahhh!! Cant Wait Cant wait Cant wait! I want this game so bad!

    Shame this inst the real map, but i cant wait for Rockstar to release the official one!!

    it looks like a giant head with a squashed in nose on the left

    The city doesn't look as big as I was expecting it to but there's obviously a chunk missing from the top where it's just cut off so there's probably more to it.

    Lots of countryside though. Roaring around the outback areas on a dirtbike was my favourite part of San Andreas though so this looks like it should be awesome.

      I'd say the city is about the same size as the Broker/Dukes and Algonquin islands combined.

      Then you also have 6-7 provincial towns throughout the map, plus all the various California-esque surrounds. So that's pretty good.

      BUT... the two provincial towns NE and ENE are the exact same road layout, so I reckon this map isn't entire correct.

    This game looks great but wish they would announce a PC version. I don't wanna play this at the 20fps my ps3 will probably run at.

    This has been circling reddit for a week, its very fake.

    The more I look at that map, the more I see errors.
    - southern point of Los Santos is missing information
    - northern point has been faded above and below map snippet to fool the eye that it's not correct
    - duplicate towns in NE
    - coastline doesn't link up properly NE and N of map.

    I honestly get concerned looking at all that countryside, I always hated doing a mission or having a bit of a killing spree in San Andreas only to end up in the middle of nowhere running around looking for a car. Same thing would happen to me in Far Cry 3.

    Yes I know there are vehicles just sitting there here and there but I liked always being somewhere urban in GTA IV.

    Hopefully they have some sort of 'Call a taxi/car' option like the 'Whistle for your horse' feature in Red Dead.

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