How Ubisoft’s Massive Next-Gen Racing Game Works

Yesterday, I got to spend some time playing The Crew, Ubisoft’s ambitious next-gen, open-world racing game. It looks, at first blush, like any other street-racing game from the last few years. And then you see the huge map.

In this demo video, the game’s developers give a tour of The Crew‘s features. Come for the car customisation, stay for the satellite view.


  • Wait, what? This looks nuts! From the scale of engine parts to a massive map? E3 keeps giving this year.

  • How long have you been at this ‘gaming’ thing Mike?

    I’m thinking not that long if you think that kinda demonstration is anything other than flashy.
    I’m not a big fan of E3 because it’s an event DOMINATED by media and marketing types. Wait til the game comes out and spend 10 minutes playing it. You’ll know how ‘close to the mark’ the game is then.

    • why so negative??? Why cant @miketarno be excited for the game… a lot of people are… go back to bed… it obviously too early for you..

    • It may well turn out to be an ‘average’ game and I concur that there’s usually a lot of hype associate with E3 events. They’re there to flog their wares.

      But the concept of an open world racing game is appealing. I enjoyed Burnout Paradise, Forza Horizon and a heap of other such racing games. So to me the idea of being able to customize your cars and then take them out into a big open world racetrack with friends is pretty appealing.

      In saying that, I’m equally looking forward to more ‘linear’ games like GT6.

    • Don’t be so cynical, somebody is keen for this game and they can be if they want you party pooper.

      p.s Of course its flashy its E3 for crying out loud. What would you rather they held it at a school hall with nothing but powerpoint presentations? (actually that would be pretty funny)

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