Let's Just Put This Guy's Body In This Chair Like He's Chilling Out...

... and pretend nothing happened here... With The Director's Cut and The Fall on the horizon, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is still around and kicking. Messing with enemy bodies will always be fun. Always.


    Hilarious.... just.....hilarious... O_o

    Seriously? This is the best you could do for an article? Fuck me...

      I once spent 20 minutes making a human centipede out of corpses in the original Deus Ex.
      I still have the JPG. Good times.

        See, now THAT I WOULD like to see!!!! Have a link to it at all????? I'm all for creative poses and stuff, but in a chair? C'mon...

        A human centipede would be funny as hell though :D

        Last edited 28/06/13 11:46 pm

    Why has no one done a review, article on Deadpool? The game is hilarious!

      They did review Deadpool, yesterday.


    It's like somebody hacked the site and posted a "story".


    This is far more entertaining than any PR for ANY of the recently announced Deus Ex games.

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