Steam Is Selling Every Deus Ex Game Ever Made For Under $7

Well this is a pretty good deal.

Steam is currently selling a Deus Ex Collection featuring...

— Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition — Deus Ex: Human Revoluion — Deus Ex: Invisible War — Deus Ex: The Fall

All for $6.59. Yeah, that's worthwhile, especially if you haven't had the chance to play the series.

You can also pick them up individually if that's your bag. Every single game in the series in 80% off.


    Pity that Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut is worse then the original PC release :(

      Human revolution is better than human revolution directors cut?

        Don't quote me on this, but apparently the director's cut has bugs that the original had patched out ages ago.

      Do you mind elaborating how? I played the pants off Human Revolution when it came out but never tried the DC.

      Hows that? Havent played either but its always good to hear recommendations/reasons

        Game was based off an earlier PC version, has graphical bugs and performance issues. The gold filter that gave the game it's golden glow appearance has been removed. The game is also a lot easier because the DLC is permanently integrated into the game and can't be disabled and there are some gameplay changes that decrease difficulty. The DC edition does come with a lot of extra stuff (interviews, etc) and that may make it more worth your time, plus it has the enhanced boss fights, but each to their own.

        I typically prefer original release to remasters unless the game is very old or the remaster is very well done. Homeworld remaster is excellent, but Fable anniversary is far worse then the original PC release. Each is a case by case basis and ultimately up to personal preference.

    Mark Serrels: Spending my pay packet quicker than my wife can.

    Do I dare splurge on the disappointment that was Invisible War? Will it be not as bad as I remembered.

      nah it was terrible and now has also dated horribly.
      I did just rebuy (again) the original to send the right message.

    For those after a DRM free version, GoG has the original Deus Ex games.

    I know it's not the whole series but to me, DRM-free is the bigger value.

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