Get Deus Ex: Human Revolution -- Director's Cut For $US5

If the new Thief failed to satisfy your cravings for sneaking around and conducting clandestine activities, now might be the time to turn back the clock a few years and pick up Eidos Montreal's much better stab at the stealth FPS genre: Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Why? Because it's a measly $US5 and quite good.

The game usually sells for $US19.99, but this weekend it's been discounted to $US4.99. At the time of writing, there's 38 hours left on the deal, so time isn't exactly of the essence.

At its core, the Director's Cut combines the original game with its only DLC, Missing Link, and delivers them as a seamless experience. However, the biggest selling point is the reworked boss fights, which allow for both overt and stealth-based approaches.

There's also the New Game+ for those who can't get enough of Adam Jensen and his cybernetically-enhanced proclivities, as well as a 45-minute documentary and eight-hours of developer commentary.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution — Director's Cut [Steam, via Hardcore Gamer]


    As much as i like HR i still like the original Deus Ex even though i played it after HR.
    the atmosphere was better and the sound track just was brilliant.

    I really wanted to like this game, especially considering how many people raved about it. I just couldn't get myself immersed into the world and never really got more than a few hours in. Maybe I should put it back into the backlog pile, which I'll probably never get to anyway, anybody want to put me in hospital for a few months?

      I got completely immersed in the world. Loved it. But I also hated Bioshock Infinite, and everyone raved about that.
      I'd suggest giving it another go, even if you just do the game on easy mode. Do the side missions as you do the main story.
      The only thing I didn't like about the game was that, even though it tried so hard to give a balanced political discussion about certain themes, the game felt like it was pushing an extreme left-wing message.

        I never got why people get so upset and insecure over particularly LEFTIST leanings in narrative. You'll find that most narratives of any medium have a generally leftist stance, the ones that don't are usually considered racist/sexist/marginalizing/fascist/prejudiced for good reason. It isn't because a "message" is being pushed (not always), it's usually just product of creation. People's ideals and values are reflected in their expression and most artists/creators/writers etc. swing left because it's most relevant to them. They're asking you to consider something, which you either do or don't. That's part of the game. What isn't part of the game is allocating a "side" to everything. Separating ideals into left and right and then saying that every story with vaguely political undertones needs to have a (subjective) balance between the two for those too insecure to hear about humanity instead of economy or vice/versa. Why is it that if we decide to segment ourselves to a single side, are we not able to hear stories of the other? That in itself does not make something "extreme", a definition which might need some rejigging. A vague warning on corporate control and musings on social disparity or the nature of humanity isn't extremism to me.

    I got completely immersed. When watching the trailers it made me think of blade runner. Now I can't wait for CyberPunk.

    If anyone was thinking about this deal, I would read up on the steam forums first. I have both this and the original Deus Ex Human Revolution release ... the original works perfectly, whereas the directors cut has all sorts of issues ( There are a lot of people who are still hoping for a new patch. I have tried the registry tweaks and the newest video drivers, etc, that have been suggested, but none of them make directors cut run as smoothly as the original release. Just a friendly warning.

    Yeah, what apk31 said.
    I think this article maybe doing your viewers a disservice. There's a known list of almost 200 bugs that are new or have been reintroduced into the director's cut version from the original game which had already been fixed.

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