That’s Quite The Capcom Action Figure You Have There

That’s Quite The Capcom Action Figure You Have There
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Lost Planet 2 is one of those games time simply stomped all over then punched out of your memory, but with a sequel on the way, the franchise has one more (last?) shot at relevancy. Which is as good a reason as any I can think of for this amazing Lost Planet 2 figure to only be turning up now.

It’s made by threeA, so it’s both expensive ($160) and wonderful. Indeed, in terms of detail it might be one of the best Capcom-related figures of all time. Shame it’s of a merc, then, and not at the very least Frightened Space Jesus (though maybe, since he’s Lost Planet 3, he’s still to come).

Lost Planet [threeA, via Super Punch]


  • I’d be one of the first to admit that Lost planet 2 was deeply flawed, but I’d also jump to its defense because it’s still one of the best co-op experiences I’ve had on a xbox 360.

    • Upvoted because that train level was one of the most uniquely awesome co-op experiences I have ever had in a videogame.

  • Yeah this game has one of the most fun multi-player modes I have experienced this generation/ever. An excellent game.

  • Hey, Lost Planet 2 still offers regional play, which is way more then I can say for many triple A titles

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