The Future Meets The Past: Playing N64 Games In Virtual Reality

Reader Chris, who was kind enough to share with us some footage of Skyrim running on the Oculus Rift, has been kind enough to humanity to build Nintendo 64 game support for the virtual reality headset.

He'll be opening a beta in July, but for now, check out some footage of N64 games like Goldeneye, Perfect Dark and...Pokemon Snap running with full head-tracking, along with more surprise features he'll be announcing closer to the beta's release.


    so audio yet?

    Goldeneye 64 > Skyrim


    Those videos don't appear to have any 3D parallax or head tracking at all, what gives?

      I've seen similar comments elsewhere. At the moment I think it's just outputting two images with distortion so that it can be viewed on the Rift. And having set the videos full-screen and checked them out in the Rift... wow that's hard to look at. The "screen" is waaaaay too close, I have to nearly go cross-eyed to resolve the images into one. And yeah, it doesn't really look like there's any 3D once you do get it, though it's hard to tell since it's so hard to hold it.

        Ok maybe it was just the Perfect Dark one that was screwed for IPD. The GoldenEye one looked to be an ok distance. Still didn't seem 3D though.

    N64 gives me motion sickness on my LCD, let alone on one of these!

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