The Just Cause Guys Are Making A Mad Max Game

Avalanche Studios, the developers of the Just Cause series, are making a Mad Max game. We don't know much about it, since only a short clip and logo was shown, but if you remember a few months back some blurry teaser images were shown which suggest the game is basically a post-apocalyptic Just Cause. With Australians.

Fine by me.

It's due on PS4 and Xbox One.


    Fucking *SOLD* mate. That trailer they showed with the PS4 was badass. Absolutely badass. Had the right Max attitude and everything! :D

      You can't use "mate" in a sentence in relation to Australia and then use the word "ass".

      It's Arse.

      Bad arse. Smart arse. Fat arse. Arse hat. Arse face.


        Arsehole. :P

          not if your autistic (like asperger's) that forces you to have a american accent even though you have no american blood in your family's bloodline

    Now this game looked promising.
    and it looked like a YOung Mad Max(Mel Gibson) and not the new Mad Max we see in the new film.

      Dunno, don't think they have the license to use Mels face, so they'll just create a generic face.

    Hopefully it's large-scale multiplayer like JC-MP!!

    oh the JC guys? THIS WILL BE EPIC.

    So the screen that came out a while ago we all speculated was JC3 was actually Mad Max then. That seems to suggest JC style action in the Mad Max universe. YES!

    The second I saw the Interceptor I was sold

    Very keen on this, and not PS exclusive!

      From what I read, it comes out on all consoles (current gen and next gen) and PC. the PS versions will get timed exclusive DLC

    Wish it was more Mad Max 1 than Mad Max 2 (although to the Americans Mad Max 2 made more money and resonates better to them)

    But nevertheless this game is a definite buy - plus it should be coming to all current gen and next gen consoles and PC (I can see the modding community having a field day with this)

      It would be pretty boring if it was based on Mad Max 1 (I like the movie) but Mad Max 2 makes more sense and games have been stealing from it for a long time.

        Have to agree with you there....when you step back and look at it. Mad Max 2 makes a lot more sense..hence why I said that the Americans know Mad Max from Mad Max 2.

        I think what I'm looking at is at what point in the Mad Max timeline is this game going to be placed (looks like Mad Max 2 than Mad Max 3 (good god I hope not) or perhaps it could be a movie tie-in)

    I'm not WALKING AWAY from this.

    See what I did?

    Hopefully they get some real Australians, tired of terrible accents.

    Looking forward to some fake aussie accents.

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