The Xbox One Vs PS4 Headset War Begins

The Xbox One Vs PS4 Headset War Begins

Last week, after Microsoft’s DRM reversal put it on more equal footing with the PlayStation 4, we took a fresh look at the differences between the two, but we missed one incredibly important feature — headsets. The PlayStation 4 comes with a mono headset. The Xbox One comes with none.

If I could, there would be some dramatic music here. Maybe something from the old Unsolved Mysteries reenactments. Just imagine it.

IGN has confirmed with Microsoft that the spiffy Xbox One headset will not be included in the box with the console. Out-of-the-package communications will instead be handled by Kinect, which includes all the parts required to yell at and be yelled at, with none of the intimacy of a headset.

Meanwhile, the PlayStation 4, priced at $449 in Australia — $50 less than the Microsoft console — comes with a mono headset which plugs directly into the Dualshock 4 controller. Its camera, however, will be sold separately.

It also bears mentioning that the PlayStation 4 features a standard headset jack and the Xbox One’s is proprietary, limiting the options available on Microsoft’s console, though third-party headsets are already in the works.

Now I’m being a bit flippant about the whole situation, but that’s only because I prefer not to hear other people talking while I am playing — or in general. If anything the inclusion of a headset in the PlayStation 4 box means the blissful silence of the early days of the PlayStation 3 won’t be replicated. Remember how quiet Resistance: Fall of Man was? Those were the days. I can only hope one of my cats or children eats the mono headset shortly after unboxing.

For the more social of you, this could actually be a big deal. Will headset availability factor into your next-gen console purchase?


    • I’d love to know this also. I hope my PX5s are compatible. Only bought them a year ago :/

      • I never found a USB or bluetooth one I couldn’t with the PS3 I couldn’t honestly, so I’ll be very surprised if we can’t. *shrug*

      • I was thinking this very thing when I powered up my PX5’s last night! I hope so.

      • Turtle Beach has said that so far nothing they’ve seen makes them doubt the existing headsets would be compatible with PS4.

    • I hope so. I’ve got a bluetooth one for my PS3 and it’s fine. I hate the look of this mono earbud thing… I *REALLY* don’t want a wired headset.

      • Indeed. Unlike the 360 wireless headset (which I have as well) I found the PS3 one to be quite splendid (even used to use it with my phone when driving hahahaha).

    • Theoretically, yes… the PS4 is Bluetooth compatible, so there should be no reason why any Bluetooth device can’t be connected.

      USB Headsets are more unknown though, as it has been reported that some wheels and arcade sticks won’t be compatible, but I’m hoping that the PS3 Wireless headphones will work, they are wonderful.

  • I didn’t get a headset with my original 360 either, and towards the end of my multiplayer gaming tenure (i.e.: when I realised I didn’t like Halo 4 very much) I preferred to not use one unless I was specifically playing with a party of friends.

    I’ll probably pick up and XBone headset at launch for my wife and I to share – she’s chattier than I am when it comes to online gaming.

  • If this is the case we may be able to use current pc and xbox 360 headsets with the ps4. That would be a huge bonus.

      • Can you stereo headsets so you can have the full game sound/music coming through them?

        • Of course. I use Turtlebeach PX500 and a PsPulse, both work with PS3, no reason for them to not work on the next gen machines.

  • it would have been cool to have a headset with the xbone. ps4 owners get the better deal here, imo.

  • PS4 is priced at $549 in Australia, not $449 as mistakenly written in the article

    • Dang it, Stevorooni, I got all excited for a moment thinking it was $100 cheaper.

      Headsets won’t influence my decision. I already have the “Sony PS3 Wireless Stereo Headset” & “PS3 PULSE Wireless Headset”. I assume they will both work on the PS4?

  • They both look crap to be honest. I have a few sets of xbox 360 headsets that came with my consoles that I never even used once. I’ll be getting a 3rd party set as soon as possible.

  • I still use my original 360 headset from 2006!

    The issue with Kinect voice is that it goes on top of your gaming sound. So what if you want to crank up the volume? You’ll piss other people off with background noise and you yourself will find it hard to hear people.

    • this is what im worried about, everyone in the game hearing my private conversations with the wife, hopefully there will be settings similar to 360, friends only etc etc

  • No body is talking about power bricks. The xbox still has one. Man with a console that big I hoped that was gone.

  • I like that the PS4 offers the mono headset. One less thing to purchase if you want it; an incentive for gameplay to become more social; and irrelevant for people who don’t want it.

  • I’m not a fan of many multiplayer online games and I never used my 360 headset but I did buy a cheap set for a short lived play of spec ops with mates. If I was going to use some they would be proper aftermarket ones

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