Watch A Bunch Of People Go Nuts Over Mega Man In Super Smash Bros.

You know, I watch this video, and I think of Sir Roger Bannister. When he ran the first mile under four minutes almost 60 years ago, the P.A. masterfully prolonged the announcement so that the cheering annihilated the declaration of his world record time. Nintendo did the same kind of thing two weeks ago at E3.

Mega Man is a new challenger in the Wii U's Super Smash Bros. reboot, coming next year. Mega Man reaction videos are apparently a thing on YouTube. There's that above, published today, four guys in V-neck undershirts taking in the Nintendo Direct on June 11. Others also popped up, to not much fanfare, the day of the news. For example, this:

"Goku?" "Oh my God, I just came five times."

Then there's this, a bunch of guys on chat apparently taking in the news live.

It's easy to laugh at these videos as silly but then, stuff like this punches me in the throat every time. Staged? Real? Fuck it. It's just great seeing people be happy. I can watch that 24/7.

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    oh man.... that first video :S never have i felt so insecure in my life :(

      Um, I don't think you meant what your statement is actually implying. Might want to re-write that one haha.

    The first video is much, much older than the latest E3. Saw it many months (a couple of years?) ago, sans the SSB overlaid in the corner.

    Here's the first video on youtube 2 years ago, not related to E3 at all:

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