Watch Konami's E3 Press Conference Right Here

Snake? SNAAAAKKKKKEEEEE!!!! Konami's E3 press conference is today at 1pm Eastern, and we've got it streaming right here. UPDATE: The conference is over, but you can still watch the whole thing here.

Some things to expect from this conference: Metal Gear Solid news, Castlevania news, Pro Evolution Soccer news.

Also, they probably won't mention Suikoden. BUT WHAT IF THEY DO.

UPDATE: They didn't mention Suikoden. :(


    every year I want new Suikoden. Every year I don't gt new Suikoden. Every year my sadness grows :(

    I am soooooo excited for MGSV and LoS2.

    I hope Sutherland turns out to be good. I really was content with Dave Hayter.

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