Watch Us Play Ryse

Watch Us Play Ryse
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Yesterday I posted some early thoughts on Ryse, which you can check out here. Long story short I had some issues with the game. It looks fantastic, but the combat? It features some questionable design decisions in my humble opinion. Want to watch us getting to grips with the game? Come on in!

I won’t repeat what I said in the above article, but yeah. I think they need to rethink precisely how executions work. It feels very strange at the moment.


    • I really like them. They offer a more cinematic feel but I can understand that they can be over used. God of war 3 had them perfected.

      Mark, could they have just had easy mode on as to make sure everyone saw the style of the fighting?

    • They had them in RE4 where you’re walking through a corridor and enemy tentacles randomly attack you. And the only way to avoid them is to react and push the QTE buttons which flash on screen for a few brief seconds.

      Now THAT is a good use of QTE.

  • ‘Argh, my eye! Eyyyyyyye!’

    Mark, can you please post a bunch of videos of you playing all sorts of games and reacting to them hilariously?

  • “Frustrated, because I wasn’t frustrated” – Some kind of frustration paradox, Frustratception.

    Serrels, The most un-frustrated frustrated man.

    • I had to sign in just to tell you I laughed A LOT!!! (probably too much) “Some kind of frustration paradox,” CLASSIC!!!

  • “The developers don’t want people to feel bad”…so soft…pretty disappointing hearing developers say that.

    Sounds like they don’t want to pose the gamer any challenges because challenging them maybe too hard and hard means frustration.

    O and QTE’s…yea down with QTE’s…

    • I’ve noticed this trend in some big blockbuster games recently.

      Take tomb raider for example. Fun game, looks pretty, ok storyline, little bit long IMO but not once did I feel like it was challenging. Combat was stupidly easy, I used the pistol for most of the game because it was accurate, easy to get headshots and shot quicker than the bow.
      Could be that I played on PC with a mouse instead of a controller but still.

      I died a few times in Bioshock Infinite (on hard) but that was more just because enemies later on did huge damage. They weren’t smarter, there weren’t any puzzles or choices, you just had to make sure you had enough RPG ammo to kill big robots.

      Hitman was tough if you wanted to do it properly, but then that’s kind of a defining feature of that series.

      I guess as a PC gamer, who spent a lot of time raiding in WoW over the last few years I’m more interested in a challenge than other people. I like when a game makes it hard. Obviously it’s a fine line between hard and stupidly unbalanced and unplayable, but when done right… it makes an awesome game.

      If I had a game like Ryse just do everything for me, I can’t say I’d play it much.
      Like Space Marine. It was simple, and fun but it was also short enough that it didn’t get mundane. There were still hard bosses and co-op mode was challenging.

  • I heard (via Jeff Cannata’s youtube) that the demo for Ryse at E3 were tweaked to increase how frequent the button prompts appeared. The prompts aren’t QTE’s but opportunities for finishing moves that gives the player a benefit. Miss the prompt, miss the benefit.

    It actually sounded a lot like the combat style from Arkham Asylum/City.

  • I don’t have a huge issue with QTEs providing they make sense contextually. Say you are given a standard kit of tools to go about killing stuff (AoE, slash, stab etc.) and then the game throws a massive boss at you where it wouldn’t make sense in context to thing your generic attacks would actually do any lasting damage. Throw in a QTE as a finisher with a series of animations that make you believe that you have the abilities to take down something 10x your size. Don’t do it for standard mooks though, it feels cheap.

    As to that “devs don’t want people to feel like they have failed” statement. Hooo boy, remember when you could complete a stage in Goldeneye and you still failed because you didn’t complete all the objectives? Someone please have the balls to release a game that doesn’t hand hold you and tell you you’re awesome every step of the way and reward mediocrity and I will be there with cash in hand regardless of what genre it is in. Failure is just as important as success because you get no sense of accomplishment if you didn’t have to try.

  • They should have had messier kills the worse you were at the quick time. That way you still get a cinematic kill but you also get the challenge of getting a clean one.

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