We Have An Australian Price For The Xbox One [Update]

And that price is...

$599 Australian. That's the RRP according to a representative from Microsoft Australia.

In addition, Microsoft has also confirmed that, as one of the launch territories mentioned in the conference, the Xbox One will be available in Australia in November 2013.

We'll have more details soon, but that's the word for now.

What are your early thoughts? Too much? I think it seems fair considering the US is being charged $499.95. It's a much better deal than we've received in the past.


    Honestly, Im actually now considering it. Thats not a bad price for a new system at launch... C'mon PS4, launch at a similar price!

    any word on NZ price? im getting $717 with currency conversion

    That price is actually quite decent, but I still will not be buying it.
    Mainly because of the check-in once every 24 hours just to play offline games 'feature'..

    i think this will be worth all the heartache we will have to endure just to play it

    Don't worry, Kogan will start importing it at $549, until they realise that it's region-locked to NTSC...

    Yesterday no-one wanted it because of tight DRM, always on Kinect, restrictions on pre-owned game and region coding

    Today, they announce a $600 price tag and opinions on here have changed 180 degrees...

    Sometimes I just dont understand this website

      Don't you mean everyone? Sheeple expects certain things but nothing is perfect in life unfortunately and as soon as sheeple see something of 'value' they follow the other sheeple.

      Hardly a 180. Read most of the comments, and you'll see most people are, like, 'Better price than I expected, but still won't buy cos of DRM, etc'.

    Well considering its a device to try and control the way i do things and make it my problem i can't use the device without internet .. i would expect microsoft to pay me to use it.

    this is a pretty good price for a brand new console. its still a decent chunk of money though.
    I wonder if they will do the mobile phone type xbox live 2 year plan deal.
    and yeah its nice that we aren't being overcharged vs the US

    Wish MS had gone down the subsidised XBox live model.
    I am pleasantly surprised that it's not as high as the PS3's launch price.

    Ps4 rumored to be cheaper than Xbox one so maybe price drop sooner rather than later

    when i brought my 360 i felt as if if was getting ripped off even though i only payed $300 during a target toy sale, when i brought my ps3, even at the $500 i spent on it, i didnt feel like i was beign ripped off, it had a blu-ray drive which is great for movies, the games i love to play, this is a alright price but id buy a wii u before i shelled out for this thing

      Go buy a WiiU then Jack it can't even play a Blu-Ray movie...lol

    $600 + $120 for each game, and you will be finished that first game within a week - a day if its CoD, so another $120 for the second game + whatever the live subscription costs, so your looking at around $800 just to play that first game online.

    With $800 i can finally get that dual video card sli crossfire happening, and a SSD and a few hundred left over for steam sales.

    Why would i want to buy a new console at this point in time, either Sony or Microsoft.

      I don't think many people buy cod just for the single player lol. Aren't those games the most popular on xbl?


    not to bad on price
    as usual harvey norman loves to joke with
    $888 being the magic number
    cheapest so far is jb hifi $598
    though will wait for the price drop

    Whoa only $599 to have Mitcosoft spy on me in my own home. What's not to like. No thanks.

    So they're giving us the DRM absolutely free? Awesome!

      And you think Sony has no DRM?

        A joke, my friend. And the PS4 is a console so it obviously does, but nowhere near as draconian.

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