What 7700 Tonnes Of Weed Looks Like

7700 tonnes. Of weed. As reported by the Center for Investigative Reporting, that's the amount of weed seized on the US-Mexico border from 2005-2011. So, a lot of weed.

The video above was made by the CIR, who, in a more detailed report their site, get fantastically nerdy about just how much weed we're talking about here. (Hint: a lot.)

For some reason, they've based the whole video on the "All Your Base Are Belong To Us" video-game meme. Because of course they have.

Thanks Leonard!


    Ha awesome...and sad

    Since when was Kotaku a site that post pointless information about weed?

    Videogames please

    video games and weed just go hand in hand.

    it's the sheltered people that never get out (unless going to a cosplay event) that think it's bad and evil, when really it's just a plant that grows naturally in the wild and just so happens if you set it on fire there are some (good) effects.

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