What The Heck Is Angry Birds Go!?

No, it's not what you say every time you see a new Angry Birds post — it's a new game being teased by Rovio over at Go.AngryBirds.Com. Looks like it could be a fowled-up endless runner, or maybe a racer?

Either way, it's coming. Grab some paper towels.


    My first thought is its an endless runner.

    They're releasing it for PSP Go, the only device left on the planet that doesn't already have Angry Birds.

      WRONG!!! http://blog.eu.playstation.com/2010/08/25/psp-minis-angry-birds-mini-is-visually-optimized-for-the-pspgo/

    i think endless runner or jumper like temple run of doodle jump

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