Win! Company Of Heroes 2 Red Star Edition Box Copy, Every 5 Minutes + Mark Plays It Live (Update: Winners!)

So Company of Heroes 2 comes out today. And as the sequel to highest-rated RTS game of all time, we thought it'd be fun to watch comrade Serrels – who’s new to the RTS genre — play through the first few levels over his lunch break. So that's what we did at 12pm today and to keep you on your toes, we gave away box copies of the special Red Star Edition every five minutes during the hour of Mark's play through. So who won?

Company of Heroes 2 is set amongst the wintery trenches on the Eastern Front of World War II. In fact, weather now plays an important part in the game. And the Soviet Red Army is now playable.

Mark is new to RTS but he and Ben got a heads-up on Company of Heroes 2’s new line-of-sight fog of war mechanic at E3 a couple of weeks ago, so he at least has some sort of preparation.

How To Win

Every 5 minutes during the live stream (from 12pm AEST to 1pm AEST today Tuesday June 25), we updated this very post with questions about the history of World War II for you to answer in the comments section.

Our judges looked for the best, most well-written, and perhaps non-copy/pasted answer (not necessarily the first). Winners below.

Multiple entries allowed, but judges decision is final. Terms and conditions (and times for each 5 minute question round) here.

Questions & Winners!

Question 1 + 2 (12:05-12:10): Two copies to give away on this one only! On what precise date did Operation Barbarossa begin?

Winner 1: @raestoz: Operation Barbarossa commenced on the 22nd June 1941at 3.15am Winner 2: @Juststu82: June 22, 1941

Question 3 (12:11-12:15): How many million casualties did the Soviet armies suffer during World War II?

Winner: @Canada: Approximately 26.6 million casualties civilian and military with 8.7 million being military

Question 4 (12:16-12:20): Every German invasion of a foreign country during World War II was given a musical theme, what was the theme song for Operation Barbarossa?

Winner: @ynefel: Les Preludes by Franz Lizst. Stay classy, Germany.

Question 5 (12:21-12:25): What does 'Barbarossa' mean in Latin?

Winner: @dalburgers: Barbarossa means 'red beard' Also a German King and Holy Roman Emperor.

Question 6 (12:26-12:30): On what date did the Battle for Smolensk begin?

Winner: @Tacs: On the 6th of July, 1941, the Soviets launched a counter offensive to try and stall the German advance, which was somewhat obliterated. This led to the Germans launching an offensive on the 10th of July, 1941, which started the Battle of Smolensk.

Question 7 (12:31-12:35): Name five countries involved in Operation Barbarossa

Winner: @ jumbino: Q7) Five countries involved in Operation Barbarossa were Croatia, Slovakia, Finland, Hungary and Italy. The Finnish have a peculiar manner of cursing, which involves telling people they don't get along with to 'go ski into a (insert hard/rude/pointy/fiery object here)'; an idiom which I am sure got used a lot during Operation Barbarossa.

Question 8 (12:36-12:40): To the nearest hundred thousand, how many Casualties did the Axis armies suffer in Operation Barbarossa?

Winner: @ esaj: 802,000 deaths recorded 831,000 missing in action and wounded in action. The outcome was that it totally screwed the German war machine.

Question 9 (12:41-12:45): When did Operation Typhoon begin?

Winner: @ juniglee: Operation Typhoon started on 30 September 1941 with the attack of the troops from the 2nd Armoured Group on positions of the Bryansk Front. The offensive only began on 2nd October 1941 however.

Question 10 (12:46-12:50): During the battle of Stalingrad there was a reported three day sniper battle between two accomplished marksmen — can you name the two snipers who were reportedly involved?

Winner: @derrick: Major Erwin Koning and Vasily Zaytsev. Koning was specifically despatched to the battlefield to kill Zaytsev - apparently there is some debate as to whether Koning actually existed - either way Zaytsev was accompanied into the field by another Soviet sniper, Nikolai Kulikov.

Question 11 (12:51-12:55): How many people have received the award 'Hero of the Soviet Union', the highest possible distinction in the Soviet Union?

Winner: @nomad: 12,755 people have received the Hero of the Soviet Union medal, however 20 of these have had it stripped from them.

Question 12 (12:56-1:00): FINAL QUESTION Can you name the three people who have received this award four time?

Winner: @loquay: No. The Hero of the Soviet Union has only been awarded four times to two people these are Georgy Zhukov and Leonid Brezhnev

BONUS: We're also giving a copy of CoH2 Red Star Edition to @trjn and @F4ction for their unexpected (and hugely helpful) tips and comments on the stream page. Thanks to Five Star Games (who is looking after CoH 2 in Australia) for helping us secure a couple of extra boxes. You guys rock.

Company of Heroes 2 Red Star Edition

On sale this week, the Red Star Edition includes:
• Exclusive Steelbook Packaging • 24 Skin Vehicle Combo Pack (Customise your vehicles in multiplayer mode) • Multiplayer Commanders (5 commanders abilities for multiplayer customisation) • Commander Pass (Unlock an additional 5 multiplayer commanders post launch) • Theatre of War' Mini Pack (Includes Company of Heroes, plus Tales of Valor & Opposing Fronts expansion packs) • Collector's Edition Faceplate (with integrated badge.)


    The most exciting part of this is watching Mark play a game he's rubbish at :P

    Fell in love with Company of Heroes when I got it in a sale sometime last year. Seriously one of the best multi-player RTS I've ever played.

    I will be patiently waiting for 12pm.

    Is the answer Hitler?

      everything i know about WW2
      Hitler was bad
      churchill was a drunk smartass.

        Don't forget that Churchill tried to steal the TARDIS and had some Daleks to try and fend off the blitz.

      Godwin's Law didn't take long this time

        Godwin's law explicitly doesn't apply to discussions about World War 2.

      Vasily Zaytsev and Ed Harris

    I think I'm gonna be alone in Scribbletaku at 12. But some things are more important than prizes.

      At least no-one will see you forget to write \o/!

    This game inspired me to buy a spanking new gaming laptop to play it. :D

    Its that great.

    pumped for this game.. loved the first one :)


    Are you looking for the correct or best (funniest, wittiest, smartest etc.) answer?

      It's Danny Allen who will be handling that side of things -- but I think that's just a caveat for terms and conditions and legal stuff. Really the questions are quite dry and you won't need to embellish. Just answer them :)

        Hey Mark, will the fact that Aussie/Kiwi players can't play this game now (woo Steam launch errors) be stopping you from streaming or do you have some magical press version or some such?

    Whats the point the game is not up and running at this time people in Australia cant play it just keeps saying preload wait for release yet the game is out

    I wish I could actually watch the live stream oh well will still be involved in answer the questions

    It's 12:01 where's my question?

      anyone able to see the chat in twitch or is twich chat disabled?


    Wait, how many of us are there? Seems like we are all guaranteed at least one copy with these numbers. :D I'll still answer well thou.

    June 22, 1941

    Operation Barbarossa commenced on the 22nd June 1941at 3.15am

    Q1 and 2: 22 Jun 1941 was the date Hitler invaded the USSR starting operation barbarossa

    0315 on Sunday, 22nd of June, 1941 AD.

    June 22nd, 1941

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