Work Has Begun On A Full Modding SDK For Saints Row: The Third

It's been over 18 months since Volition's Saints Row: The Third hit real and digital shelves. In that time, despite the game selling real nice-like, publisher THQ still found a way to implode, putting future additions to the game in doubt. Now, we have word that a full modding SDK is in the works, thanks to efforts from the game's online community.

Recently, the fellow behind Saints Row 2 modding blog Idol Ninja Games dropped Volition an email, requesting information on the game's various internals, not expecting much in the way of a reply.

However, the response he received was not only prompt, but encouraging and extensive. From the blog:

Jeff Thompson, the Studio Director of Programming at Volition, is putting together a package for us containing documentation, file formats, tools and more on the Saints Row: The Third engine. [We'll] be working closely with Jeff over the coming months to use this information to create a robust set of modding tools to supplement our existing ones and creating what is essentially a full SDK for the game! But, that's not all! Saints Row: The Third is only the beginning! Jeff has confirmed that he will also be digging up all the Saints Row 2 info that he can so we can do the same for it as well, and that this undertaking is actually a "test run" for Saints Row IV.

The post goes on to mention that Thompson will be monitoring the this thread for requests for specific information, so if the idea of tinkering with Saints Row: The Third, or even the previous game, tickles your fancy, you'd do well to drop in.

The Modding News Destined to Change Everything [Idol Ninja Games]


    If there's one game where all those crazy one off mods like dragons, RoboCop, Portal guns, etc make sense it's Saints Row.

    Mad! Can't wait to see a proper set of SDK tools, I'm itching to bring stuff into SR3

    this wont just effect SR:TT but also SR2 and SR:IV so this is great news

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