Yep, Cube World Still Looks Adorable

Yep, Cube World Still Looks Adorable

The developers of upcoming voxel-based sandbox RPG Cube World, Picroma, are posting a series of updates to its website discussing the many weapon skills each class will use in the game, starting with the Warrior. I want a plushie of that green thing. I don’t even know what it is but I want to give it a hug. Please?

Ahem. Warriors, being the weapon masters of the bunch, are able to use shields, one-handed weapons, and two handed weapons. Simple attacks, which are evoked with a left click and can be comboed together, range from sword jabs:

Yep, Cube World Still Looks Adorable

to dual-wielding slashes:

Yep, Cube World Still Looks Adorable

while the more powerful charged attacks, controlled via right click, need more time to reach their full attack power, a la Zelda. The charged block attack, for example, lets you charge up a spinning attack while blocking all incoming strikes with your shield:

Yep, Cube World Still Looks Adorable

There are many more squeal-inducingly cute examples on the website. I’d strongly advise you to give it a look; there’s also an absolutely massive updated features list that should be a pretty good read.

Cube World’s alpha version is set to hit the PC “soon”. To get a sense of how it looks in motion, you can check out the game’s so-far released trailers below.

Weapon Skills: Warrior [Picroma]

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