Cube World Is Now Available

Cube World Is Now Available

After an official release announcement, followed by a long day filled with server crashes, bug fixing and careful testing, Picroma’s online store is officially back online, and Cube World, its voxel-based adventure-RPG sandbox, is available to purchase.

Still, developer Wollay maintains in his blog post that in case of overly high traffic, the shop might be disabled again. He also posted a list of frequently asked questions to help out with any issues people might be having with the game.

So, there you have it. Cube World is out, go get it — but not all at once, for goodness’ sake.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, while the store itself is online, user registrations have been temporarily closed. On Twitter, Wollay noted that the huge amount of people trying to register at once is having an effect akin to a DDoS attack on Picroma’s servers. Wollay reckons the situation “should get better in the next days”.

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  • Bought it and was playing with a mate last night, it’s pretty dam good considering it’s still in alpha…
    Took a while to figure out what i was doing tho… you kinda just get chucked into the world.

    Best advice for new players F1… unfortunatly i found this after playing for about 2hrs -_-

  • Got it, but haven’t had much of a chance to play it, It’s pretty fun though! Only issue is that I’m one of those freaks who plays with an inverted mouse and I don’t think that’s a control option yet, so I have to get used to that.

  • Guys my Cube world cuts out the screen of the shop and other vendors and is really zoomed in but not in full screen any advise on how to fix it?

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