Chrono Trigger In 1080p Looks Great

Kotaku reader Rick has been hard at work recreating the intro to classic RPG Chrono Trigger in high definition. He's now done, and it looks like it was all worth it.

He recommends you make sure you're watching in 1080p. I concur.


    Shoutout to Square before it took enix and fucked over both. Nothing like a little nostalgia to brighten the day.

    man i love that game... I wish i could play it again (I do have the game still just no working console for it)..

      snes emulator? it's not illegal if you own it already, right? Isn't that how it works?

      It's out on both iOS and Android. Never having played it before, I'm going to play it right after I finish FF4 on my Android :)

    For some reason, I do not like how it looks in HD. I liked the original better. Alot.

      Speaking as someone who has no emotional attachment to this game (i played it long after initial release) I think this HD clip looks really good. The backgrounds are crisp, nice blend of 3d, 2d mattes.

      It's funny though, if someone where to do a remake HD version of FF7 with new, cleaner backgrounds and higher poly characters, i'd probably be the first to say I like the original better! :P

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        As someone who has plenty of emotional attachment to Chrono Trigger, I still agree with you. I felt it was a great blend of styles and provided a nice update. There were a couple "sprites" I thought could look better (my first impression of Chrono was "ewww" but it grew on me) but overall I liked it. Were I to be offered the entire game playing like that I'd be a happy man.

      Im with you, its nice looking, but i prefer the original... but it is my all time fav RPG so thats more than likley why

    I actually find it astounding - This kind of thing is EXACTLY what SE needs to be doing, not making stupid iOS gimmicky games with as much value as tapping your screen to whack vampires with PS2 graphics and no quality in terms of gameplay, if only they sought past what they have been doing and looked at actually giving us nice 2013 quality cell shaded graphics, remastering their OST's and not making shi**y digital midi's and gave us some refreshing new content on the side. It angers me how many bad business decisions such a company with amazing potential has made. *Sigh*

    anyone else remember the old UE2 and Chrono Resurrection showreels before the C&Ds?
    Just imagine what that sort of suitably stylised 3D could be like now with some better animation and access to all the cool cloth physics and shader techs that have come out since!

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