Crashing Cars On Race Tracks, Next-Gen Style

Here's a speedy look at Driveclub, the PS4 launch game that lets you go all vroom vroom into the next generation of consoles. Enjoy watching me fail to steer around curves.


    I don't know about this one, looks really rough and the physics look very simple, that car did a 360 and didn't even slow down.
    Is this a on psn+ so basicly free to play?

      Just because it's next gen, doesn't mean it has to have realistic physics. Car games have always been blends of simulation and arcade, and the Driveclub devs may have chosen to go more arcade.

      top left corner: "pre alpha gameplay. 35% complete"

      Physics looked great to me, specially the reflections of the room coming off the screen and how it seamlessly mixed with gameplay!

    Looks fun and pretty, Ill play it. Also, if its getting dynamic objectives off the server, does it mean its using the cloud?

    Looks a bit like project gotham racing. fame=kudos

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