Dead Rising 3 Will Be Gritty, But Not Too Gritty

Capcom's newest zombie-slaying sandbox for the Xbox One may not be a laugh riot, but that doesn't mean all the silliness is gone. As evidence, I submit these screenshots, released by developer Capcom Vancouver after their initial showing at Comic-Con.

Dead Rising 3 is expected to hit this November as a launch title for the Xbox One. It will be at least slightly silly.

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New Dead Rising 3 Screens [Capcom Vancouver]


    To me, it just looks really out of place.

    A few toys isnt enough to erase my first impression sadly. What i got from the E3 trailer is that its a bland setting, featuring Random Generic Manly Man No.36.

    From what Ive seen, its just gonna be Dead Rising 2 with better graphics and set in a Generic Environment.

    This game is gonna try to give us a few laughs and fun moments with ideas that have been present since Dead Rising 1.

    Plus for a game that is supposed to use the Power of Cloud Streaming to get more out of it, all Ive seen so far is gameplay of a game that should be released on Current Gen Consoles.

    Nothing about it screams next gen.

    Then Capcom say DR3 would wreck the Xbox360. I think thats just capcom talking the game up.

      Well the game started it's life as a current gen game.

      So I'd argue that like many games that have transitioned to next gen consoles in ther past, they added some effects, increased the character count, improved the resolution, framerate etc.

      I'm pretty sure they're right, this game, in it's CURRENT state, would not be possible on Xbox 360.

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