Did Saints Row Actually Make Keith David Say ‘Anal-Probing Overlords’?

Oh, yes it did. And Volition made Captain Anderson say a whole bunch more too. You’re gonna want to see and hear this, but not in the office/on public transportation/at daycare/your probation hearing.

Keith David stars, This-is-the-End style, as Keith David, vice president of whatever the fuck it is America has become in Saints Row 4. That’s not its biggest problem, of course; repelling this alien invasion with dubstep and dick-kicks is higher on the day’s agenda. To do that, Vice President The Arbiter must rally the nation to the cause. What more appropriate time for this speech than Independence Day?

I rate this somewhat lower than Churchillian but definitely higher than Pullmanian. It’s good to hear Barricade loosen up a little, not having to spout Orwellian crap about global forces for good, and giving it to us straight: We have to free the whole fuckin’ planet, after all.


  • I haven’t really paid any attention to Saints Row IV until I watched this trailer and what the flipping shit is going on?

    • Yeah, meanwhile I have played them all and I had the same reaction. They have gone too overboard for my tastes and lost their place in the genre

      • I joined the series at SR3, and I joined it it because it was so overboard.
        Brilliant stupid fun, exactly what I wanted.

        • I started at SR2 which I thought was basically perfect. I did play the first but had trouble getting into it. If felt the jump to craziness in SR3 was either too much or too little, and I think maybe it was too easy to reach the “top” in SR3, so you never really felt like an underdog.

          I am very interested in SR4, but I’m going to try to go in with an open mind. I think my real issue with SR3 is that it wasn’t supposed to be like SR2, but I kept expecting it to be.

  • Haha it has progressively gone from being a GTa clone to one of the coolest games ever! can’t wait for IV

  • This could suddenly become the greatest game of all time and still zero fucks would be given. Whats it matter when we cant play it??

    • Are you saying you won’t be able to enjoy it without the ability to anally rape random people?

      • No he will just enjoy not giving the local economy any boot when he buys an import copy purely on principal as everyone should do.

        • In which case he will be able to play the game, so might care about the contents of the trailer. If we pretend that it is impossible to import the game, you’ll probably still be able to do everything shown in that trailer with the local edition.

          Sure it would be nicer if the uncut version was being sold here, but it seems a bit much to claim that it isn’t worth playing because of the cuts seems a bit extreme: the differences are probably going to be more in line with games like GTA4 than L4D2.

          • I get it, but it’s the principal of the matter. I doubt anyone will refuse to play it outright over any edits, but still….

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