Disney Infinity Is Coming To Take My Wallet Away

I have kids. Sigh. I may as well give up and just send Disney my pay packet right now.

I've tried to be good and sensible with Skylanders, making my kids wait a few months so that the figures get a price cut. Something tells me that Disney might just hold onto its price points for figures for that little while longer.


    Am i the only one who thinks that the character models look absolutely horrible?

    I mean it looks like a bootleg game released to get around having to pay royalties to Disney..

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      You're not the only one. Sully looks like a mod for GTA4.

      They're supposed to look like the toys. That way they can exist in the same universe without looking mismatched.

      Its called art style. I think it looks great.

      I think that as a style, it will convert better to some characters and not others. Characters like sully that are big, bulky and furry wont make that great a transition as they will come across a bit bland but take something like a Buzz Lightyear with a bit of finer detail and you have a winner. I still think the skylanders look superior from a toy perspective.

    Ahaha! I was talking with my son about games coming out before christmas, and this came up, along with skylanders swap force, and I saw him have this moment... I think he saw visions of all the tasks and chores I made him go through, the blood sweat and tears for each and every skylander he's so far amassed... and he was like "I think I might not ask for the Disney game. I might just stick with swap force".

      Except with swap force, you can't re-use the skylanders you currently have. You have to re-buy them as they have changed to have interchangeable parts and it doesn't support the old skylander figures

        Not true. You can use all the Skylanders that you have collected and levelled up with the new game. You just need a new portal (which will come with all start packs) to support the extra chips in the new figures

        Nooo, still supports older generations of skylanders actually. Of course he will collect more for the swapables, but still a better option than beginning a whole new collection.


        All previous Skylanders figures will work with the new game. Some will even have new abilities and all of them have been given graphical overhauls in-game.

        The new ones will not work with older games. I think that's where you got confused.


    @sughly, I hear ya. lol. I showed my little boy this and swap force, he had a moment, looked at this and swap force and said 'Swap force is cooler' lol. Im happy he made the right decision haha.

    Btw, if you go to EB and preorder Swapforce do what I did, ask if you can preorder and get the Skylander sidekicks with your preorder, they did for me. Every time I pay off 25 on my Swap force preorder they give me one of the Skylander Giant sidekicks :) They're pretty flexible at EB I'm finding lately.

      Swap force looks pretty cool and my kids already have plenty of Skylanders, but the creative Minecraft-esque style of gameplay could make Infinity a winner. My kids play LOTS of Minecraft.

      Ohhhh nice pointer! I'll take you up on that suggestion methinks ^^

        Just tell them your kid already has all their Giants figures and he reeeeeally is dying to get the Minions. Take the kid for extra effect lol. The minions look SO DAMN CUTE in game!

        Trigger Snappy looks hilarious lol so does TerrorPin

    I have no kids. I'm going broke all on my own for this game

    At least with Skylanders you know there's gonna be a decent game behind it - I'm not sure what to make of Infinity given what I've seen so far. Could be good but also looks complicated which may not be a good thing.

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