Ferrari Lovers, This Anime Stunt Might Horrify You

Ferrari Lovers, This Anime Stunt Might Horrify You
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Today, a Ferrari 458 Spider was cruising around Tokyo’s geek district, Akihabara. Things got freaky.

This was a stunt for popular anime Attack on Titan, which features human-eating giants. The point was to draw a crowd and end up on the internet. Mission accomplished!

The itasha (痛車) anime stickers, however, weren’t the horrifying part.

Neither was the cosplayer.

Or the poses the cosplayer was striking. No, it was something the cosplayer was wearing.

Can you see ’em?



While Crocs might be loathed by many, people in Japan, especially kids, continue to wear them. Perhaps they’re ideal for a country in which you’re always taking off your shoes.

If you are worried about the car (and really, you should be), fret not. The decals come off. Ditto for the Crocs.

Photos: eRu_bsr, 侑景, Alice_Quality, mokka_mk, snomof

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  • I’ve actually seen many Ferraris and other ridiculously expensive super cars in Japan that have been customised in ways you’d think anywhere else was a total waste- it’s not entirely uncommon to see things like camo paint jobs, anime characters and crazy body kits on Lamborghinis, Maseratis, etc etc

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