Here's Destiny's Entire 12-Minute E3 Gameplay Demo

Who wants to watch 12 minutes of Bungie's Destiny in action? Anyone? Would you like to watch that demo accompanied by some goofy and highly scripted player-banter? Even better!

This demo made its debut at E3 in June, and now Bungie has sent along a video of the whole thing. This was actually the demo that made me interested in Destiny. Borderlands meets Halo? OK, yeah, I'd like to play that.


    Any idea which generation this specific demo is being rendered on? Looks next gen, but I could be wrong. Destiny is a multi generation release yeah?

    Also, love all the "Best of E3" awards... Like they mean shit, anyone remember when RAGE was praised at E3 2010 and panned by critics on release?

      I don't know but I'd be shocked if they ran it on current gen - they'll want to show it at its best. I bet we won't see or hear much about the current-gen version until Digital Foundry get their hands on it close to or after release.

    Man, I want to be excited about this, but still with the indestructible worlds Bungie? Maybe I'm spoilt from playing BFBC2/BF3 for so long but it just feels so static. Apart from that though, looks pretty good.

    Also, these guys should look at The Division trailer. Thats some good scripted dialogue right thur.

    i heard that it's running on a PC running from PS4 specs.
    4got from where, tho.

    Not sure why this video keeps getting posted over and over, this about the third or fourth time it has been on this site

    i know this is for marketing.... but who talks like that on game chat?

      is this coming on PC btw?

        No PC, saved me 12 minutes of watching this trailer.

        The official line was something like were just focusing on consoles at this particular point in time.

        Reading between the lines seems to be theres a high chance theyll release on pc at a later date but dont want to detract from both launching the game on new consoles, and from the launch of the new consoles themselves.

        Theres an interview on Machinima where they directly ask the head bungie guy if its coming to pc if you want to look it up

        wont let me edit my reply but i looked it up for you
        question is at 11:05

      Yeah it's kind of odd and off putting. Kind of like someone pretending to play the game, as it is their perception of how gamers play.

    6.45 that be a square button for ye PS4, not PC.

      I think it was just at the Sony PR, but it'll still be on Xbox One and PC.

    It looked great until they started shooting....then it looked like a generic shooter....the enemies look varied, but you don't get any feeling of being overwhelmed even against the mini-bosses (or wateva they are).....

    Am I the only one who, at around the 50sec mark, thought..."...These.....are the voyages....of the U.S.S Enterprise..." ?

    goofy and highly scripted player-banter
    despite that, you can see that they're trying to push co-op as being one of their many selling points (might be next-gen's L4D?). This game is bound to be a huge success online, especially if it is on PC.

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    Looks awesome but did anyone else get the feeling it felt like Halo meets Borderlands?

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