Hideo Kojima Reviews Pacific Rim In Eight Tweets

It's no surprise that Hideo Kojima, maker of games about people, giant robots and war would like a new summer blockbuster about people, giant robots and monsters. (Hey, two out of three...) It is nevertheless refreshing to see how gleeful the Metal Gear mastermind is about next week's Guillermo Del Toro action flick, Pacific Rim.

Because this is the year 2013, Kojima has given his appraisal of Pacific Rim via Twitter.

And if you don't want to take Kojima's word for it, heres the word of that of the expert of things that are the greatest of all time, Kanye West.


    Thank god this is good.

      nah man it aint good, it's bad ass!

      i wanna watch it so bad now. Guillermo Del Toro is the Spainish version of Steven Spielberg

    Great Kanye West likes it, now I have to hate it due to social protocol.

      Agreed, I was really looking forward to this movie, but now that Kanye likes it I instantly hate it. Thanks again Kanye for ruining things I like.

      Ha! Brilliant

      That probably cost $150,000 for that tweet, but it's going to easily bring in $1,000,000 as that guy has so many sheep following him. Good move.

        Fuck, you must be a conspiracy theorist. Please, tell me how you know so much?

          Are you an idiot? You know celebs charge for sponsored tweets right? Snoop gets $9,000 per tweet.

    The Japanese are into weird shit, and Kanye West thought Beyonce had the greatest video of all time. I take their reviews with some doubt...

      Dude had a point though. That "Single Ladies" video is one of the most memorable, iconic, most parodied/homaged/referenced Solo Female Artist Music Videos of the last decade.

      And what was Taylor Swifts winning song? I honestly couldn't tell you.

      He may have been a bit of a dick about it, but Kanye Was Right.

        If you liked it then you should've put a Rim on it.


    Do you think Kanye's ever watched North by Northwest?

      That movie was made as a tribute to his daughter. That's right - Kanye's influence spreads through time even into the history.

      On Pacific Rim. Still looking forward to it in so many ways, despite Kanye.

    Thankfully two of my most respected film critics have pronounced the movie good.

    Who cares what David and Margaret say? Hideo and Kanye all the way!

      I can't help but feel that a crime drama starring Hideo Kojima and Kanye West would be the greatest thing to ever air on television.

    Wow a Japanese geek with a known fetish for giant robots likes a film based around giant robots, colour me amazed.

    I'm among those who take Kanye's approval as a con rather than a pro.

    2 more days!! Been waiting so long for this!

    Con: Seriously mentioning Kayne on a gaming website get your shit together.

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