Now That Hideo Kojima Is Free, He Can Do What He Wants

Now That Hideo Kojima Is Free, He Can Do What He Wants

Last year certainly didn't seem like fun for Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima. But that was 2015. This is 2016. This past December Kojima has set up his own studio, Kojima Productions (a name that sounds vaguely familiar), and he and his team are working on a PS4 title for Sony.

Unfettered by the internet restrictions of yore, Kojima gives a peek at his recent trip to California to check out Sony's game-making tech and hob knob with his famous pals.

Top image: Kaizerkunkun


    Kojima... a man with only 2 known facial expressions

    But.....who is taking all of these photos? Does Hideo have a full-time assistant just to take photos?

      Plot twist, the camera man is Hideo Kojima, all the pictures we've seen are of his clone.

    Kojima + Cerny = ???

      More importantly, Kojima + JJ = ???

      C'mon tactical espionage action set in the Star Wars universe!

    I know it's probably a fair bit of media spin, but doesn't it feel like HK is being treated like family with these guys, instead of like a piece of dog-s**t on their shoe (like a certain group who shall remain nameless)?

    Now That Hideo Kojima Is Free, He Can Do What He Wants

    Part of me hopes that he releases really bad iPhone games designed to require in-app purchases to achieve anything. Like a worse Candy Crush.

    Like his dream and passion was secretly match games on mobile but he was never allowed to make them.

    He can't make a Metal Gear game.

      He can will things in to being! I think that'll suffice.

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