Phoenix Wright DLC Lets You Defend A Whale Charged With Murder

Okay, yes, Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies isn't even out in the West yet, so it's a bit early to talk about DLC, but I mean, a WHALE. Charged with MURDER. Come on.

Announced today in Japan, this first downloadable chapter for Dual Destinies tells the story of Phoenix's first case as an attorney since (spoilers) reclaiming his badge at the end of the last game, Apollo Justice. In the case, Phoenix has to defend an orca whale (!) who is charged with murder (!!!).

Capcom confirmed today that this ridiculous DLC will come to the West, too. No word on price or release date just yet.

Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies is out for 3DS this fall. It's rated M. For Murder Whales.


    In the previous games, a parrot was a key an accused whale was just the natural evolution of things....

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