Sex App Bang With Friends Sued By Zynga

Zynga, the social gaming company that owns the trademark to the title "Words With Friends", is suing Bang With Friends Inc., a company founded to help Facebook users find "casual sex".

According to a report on Bloomberg, Zynga's complaint is basically that the app's maker "selected the name ‘Bang With Friends’ for its casual sex matchmaking app with Zynga’s game trademarks fully in mind".

I'm not so sure. I think if they had Zynga fully in mind, they'd have called it "Fast Road To Ruin", or "Sell Your Shares NOW, Son".

Zynga Sues Casual Sex App Over Trademark Infringement [Bloomberg]


    I guess anything named " with Friends" is owned by Zynga now.

    Soon, other companies can follow this and nothing else can be named "Angry " or "" Ninja.

    I hope the Judge has the common sense to throw out this case and Zynga as well.

    They don't own the words "with friends". That would be fucking stupid.
    Ohh wait... this is American news. Never mind.

    ...the hypocrisy of Zygna claiming another company ripped something of theirs off? *sigh*

    They should call it bang with strangers :P

      I would certainly be more inclined to use, then. Already banged all my friends, that list is 'tapped' out!

      ...I kid. I needed the pun.

    we'll bang okay?

      i dont even have to click on the link as i can already guess where thats from lol

    So, you can blatantly rip off another company's product and somehow that's totally ok, but if you use a name which is kind of simillar to someone else's trademark, then that shit is just not cool.


    Borrow part of name, nothing else in common = sue
    Change name, copy everything = sound business practice

    You're fired! Oh wait, didn't Trump try to trademark that?

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