Source Filmmaker Is Being Used To Create Some Incredible Videos

Today was the first time I heard KrasniyB's name, forgive me for my ignorance. KrasniyB is a talented human being using Source Filmmaker to create offbeat, schizophrenic, terrifying, often touching videos. His latest is called 'Prologue'. It plays out like a feverish, Lynchian nightmare. It's subtle. It's engaging. It's tense. It is unsettling. I think you should watch it.

I don't want to say too much about it here, mainly because it will spoil the impact. I will say, however, that once you are done you should click on to his YouTube page and watch a few others. In particular I recommend this one, uploaded a month ago.

I've said this before but the internet just gives us access to so many terrifyingly talented human beings. Sometimes it feels overwhelming. At other times I just feel happy that I get to see the fruits of their labour.


    This video was 2spooky.
    And 1entertaining, which is at the very least a sufficient amount.

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