Surprise Attack Launches Aussie Publishing Label

Chris Wright's Surprise Attack has expanded its vision to include a publishing label designed to bring Aussie games to the wider global market.

Surprise Attack games will work publishing games across PC, Mac, Linux, Mobile and Browser games, with (as CNET notes) three titles already signed up; Particulars, an arcade puzzle game for PC, Mac and Linux, Wolfdozer for PC/Mac and mobile, a pixel art game and Burden for PC/Mac/Ubuntu and iOS, a tower defence game with tones of Shadow of the Colossus. They'll all be on show at PAX Australia this weekend.

Mark did a great rundown of Surprise Attack's ongoing marketing plans last year, and (pun not intended) it's not surprising to see them going down this path.

Surprise Attack launches Australia's first indie game publisher [CNET]


    I wonder how n3v feel about sa being called the first Australian publisher (from the link... Alex avoided it)

    Regardless, this is exciting news and I'm glad Surprise Attack are finding success.

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