The Galaxy Is Saved! Now Clean Up All The Leftover Gore

If you've played a "gritty" or "mature" video game over the last 10 years, chance are you've splattered some blood and viscera all over the insides of a spaceship or two. In the words of your mom: Who is going to clean this mess up?

You are, as it turns out. In the newly released alpha for RuneStorm's Viscera Cleanup Detail, you walk around a traditional FPS level and clean the blood and guts off of the walls.

Ha! I love it. You can find out more at the game's IndieDB page and play the alpha for free here. You can also vote for it on Steam Greenlight.

[via Steve Gaynor]


    That's an interesting take on FPSes. But I think the novelty would wear off very quickly.

      Oh, I dunno... toss in a progression system allowing you to get better gear and upgrade/customize it, currency/experience rewards for quality of work performed, throw in as many humorous references/easter eggs as possible (in terms of death and dismemberment across the ages of games), a set of amusing achievements and maybe even a horribly put-upon voice-over actor? Could have some legs.

        I don't know about everything you said; it seems like over kill.

        But the currency/experience system fits well. I can imagine it now. Use 10,000 experience/credits to get unlimited Windex, :-D.

        Last edited 14/07/13 10:34 pm

        I think it would be good if you throw in a discovery-based plot. Yeah, the FPS Hero saved the galaxy or whatever, but stuff you find lying around (and have to put back neatly) contain hints to a deeper story. Perhaps the Hero was being played, or he set it all up himself for the reward money, etc.
        Or even just general stuff about the ship you're on and the universe you're in.

      Its quirky but I can't see it being good for more than a single level.

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