Mop Up Santa's Bloody Murder Rampage This Christmas

Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa's Rampage — now on Steam — paints a bleak look into the life of Father Christmas. He's gone and got himself completely drunk and then proceeded to murder everything in sight.

You, of course, have come in to clean up the murderous mess, which isn't all bad. It's the perfect excuse to mess around with physics and explosions that we've become accustomed to in Viscera Cleanup Detail but with added sadistic Christmas cheer.

Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa's Rampage is available now on Steam.


    If Weird Al's The night Santa went crazy isn't the feature track from this game, I will be extremely disappointed.

    I cleaned up the mess....almost. I went to get one last bucket of water and a lit dinamite was there instead, when it blew up it set alight the neat explosives pile I had made next to the door that in turn blew up everything in the room......I quit after that and may never play another game again

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