Violent Games Should All Hire Viscera Cleanup Detail To Scrub The Gore

Now this is the kind of cross-promotion I can get behind! Devlover Digital, the publisher behind such non-nonviolent video games as Hotline Miami, has enlisted the guys behind Viscera Cleanup Detail to help them clean up after their latest game, Shadow Warrior.

Players who buy Shadow Warrior will get a free custom standalone game in which they can put on some gloves, pick up a mop, and clean up the main game’s bloody aftermath.

Please, please let this become a trend. Every violent game that comes out can have a Viscera add-on minigame in which you have to go around and clean up the guts the main character left behind. Hell, GTA V already followed VCD‘s lead — through the power of interactive media, we will finally learn to empathise with the real victims of video game violence: Overworked janitors.


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