Serial Cleaner Is A Game About Stealthily Mopping Up Murder Scenes

Briefly: Think Viscera Cleanup Detail, except it's a) set in the 1970s, b) a stealth game and c) played from an entirely different perspective. So maybe it's not much like Viscera Cleanup Detail at all. Except for the whole, you know, cleaning-up-gory-murder-scenes part.

[Serial Cleaner]


    Just a few suggestions for future articles like this...

    1. Is the game available?
    2. What platforms?
    3. Is this a kickstarter suggestion or an advert for the actual game?
    4. It looks cool and all, but the actual site has pics of the game itself which would've been nice for those coming here to see it (top down, 2d stealth game, single player only).
    5. Details, these are important. While I know the link to the site is there, when putting up something like this, it would've been nice to include them for those on limited data on phones, slower connections or those who simply cbf clicking extra links. (That and the companies site is quite confusing as to if the game is out etc).

    All these details could have been included in the 'just briefly' sections.

    Last edited 15/05/16 1:22 pm

      That kind of seems like work. It's so much easier to just post a video and write a sentence saying there's this game concept that may or may not exist in a realised form.

      Last edited 15/05/16 7:11 pm

      ^This, a paragraph or two would include all of this and would take what, 15 minutes?

    Hi Nathan,

    Have a look at this article and see what people reading this site want.

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