The Visual Evolution Of The Halo Series This Generation

We're nearing the end of this console generation, which makes it easy to reminisce about where this generation has taken us. In the graphical department, it's hard to deny how far we've come. Look no further than the Halo franchise, which has had multiple iterations this generation, to see evidence of a visual leap in the last eight years.

Let's take a trip down memory lane, shall we? Here are a few of the Halo games this gen — missing are Halo 3: ODST and Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. That's because those titles don't offer file sharing, and we'll be relying on community screenshots to properly showcase what these games look like. No bullshots or company-created shots here!

Top picture: Halo 4, Frolicking by RECEPTOR 17

Halo 3

"KilltacularShot" by olanmills

"( ^~^ )" by GUAPO BONI

"Standoff..." by CL00K

"King of th 004 by Pinkilicious

Halo: Reach

Join the LSF by SiC Prophet

Spitfire by MRCxR3C0N

UNMAF by Stay Italian

Death Watch by CrappyCriminal

Halo 4

Nightcrawler by Apollo Creed 01

its over 9000!!!!! by WHITEGLEN

Flood by TOM86

I can jump that far by THOMASR1201


    Just so amazing.
    I have so much love for this series.
    Here is to a bright future on the Xbox One

    I always loved the design in Reach, mainly for its practicability.
    Halo 4 on the other hand, seems to be trying way too hard to be effective in all areas that it fails to reach any one of them.

      I liked Halo 4's single player, but maintain that the multiplayer was just an abomination. I know a lot of people disagree.

        I've already expressed by opinions on single player, as for multiplayer I refuse to play the game when they won't allow me to play with other Australians.

        I'm the complete opposite, I struggled to finish the SP, it was so boring and dragged on compared to previous ones, while I thought the MP was great fun (and I don't really like MP).

          I agree. Halo 4 is the first one I didn't play repeatedly to finish campaign on legendary solo. If was just too frustrating. The main thing I miss about the other Halo's are some of the iconic maps like Swordbase from Reach. It's kinda sad when you have to move on.

        Might I ask you to expand on what you liked about the single player, and what you didn't about the multiplayer?

        Personally, as a whole package I think I was mainly disappointed. Single player really lacked any "this is one of the best level in the series", the new enemies weren't much fun and the storyline was (the bad kind of) silly.

        Multiplayer was okay, the new care package things were... interesting. But I felt I had a lot more fun in Reach. I'm a big Reach fanboy.

      "Reach" their goals, Anyone? Anyone? was the pun intended??

        No not intended, but I am aware of it when I'm talking about Reach. I usually ignore it rather then avoid it.

    We Lan this gam all the time here in WA :D

    All I see is increased bloom and HDR.
    But I guess that's what evolving video games are all about, riiiight?

      Nah, but if it's an article about the visual evolution then that's probably what you're gonna get.

        True enough. But I was hoping for some greater leaps.

    The only thing i noticed in this whole franchise of these games is that cortana finally grew toes in halo 4

    They certainly got a lot of oomf out of the 360. Mmmmm Halo

    Visual progress wtf... i think this is a stupid article because there have been no physical upgrades for graphics so maybe you should re-word the article to 'the visual tricks/cheats to the console evolution that made you keep paying top dollar for yesterdays graphics''

    I loved the unique art style of all Halo games, and their unique gameplay even more so (let's not forget Halo 2 MP), but Reach was a little deviant from what we were used to seeing in the Halo universe. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, I loved Reach. Halo 4 came along and gave us, what I believe to be, the most fluid and responsive FPS, both in mechanics and controls (minus D-Pad for grenade toggle, but I can see why they did that), to date. but my heart will always sit with Halo 3, for it's varied locales in SP and MP. In my opinion, best Halo campaign yet.

    Those Halo 3 screenshots gave me nostalgiabumps all over

    Halo 4 was the first game I enjoyed after the first. I still didn't like the multiplayer in number one, though.

    4 had a perfectly serviceable story that at least tried to do some new things and the distinct lack of ridiculous 'instant kill by an enemy you had no idea was there so go back to the checkpoint' bullshit was a very nice change. The multiplayer was fun for the first time in any Halo game ever.

    Who cares about graphics? Yuppies and fanboys. It's all about the gameplay and freedom of choice. Minecraft is a perfect example. Gameplay > graphics all day long.

    Halo franchise has downhill since the first game. The zero load screens and choice of path is gone. It's yet another linear FPS to add to the growing list of churned out bullocks that they pass off for innovative games these days. Run down a hallway, kill enemies, run down hallway, press a button, repeat.

    I've never been so disillusioned in gaming in general. The future is bleak for games the way it is going. The only hope is for small user created games that will really get innovation going again.

    I see my Screenshots are spreading far and wide! Thanks for choosing it for the opening image Kotaku!

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