Transformers Human Alliance: Robots With Light Guns In Disguise

I can recall plenty of Transformers-style arcade games in the past, but nothing that actually carried the Transformers licence, up until now. Sega's next light gun shooter will have a distinctly Bumblebee tone, as the teaser trailer ever-so-briefly shows.

Seibertron notes that the game was being tested in Chinese arcades over the weekend; I'd say the odds of it seeing an Australian release are relatively slim, but you never know.

Sega Testing Transformers Human Alliance Arcade Game In China [Seibertron]


    Someone needs to bring some quality light gun games to Wii U (since Wii's retired now). Proper light gun games, that is. That's right RE Chronicles, I'm looking at you. House of the Dead was the only one that got it right. Maybe Ghost Squad too, but I haven't played that enough to know if it had the 1:1 calibration and cursor disable option.

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